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My favourite film of January is The Artist.

The Artist lives up to its fantastic reviews. I found it utterly charming and so did a work colleague who decided to see it after I told her how good it was.

I watched Hugo in 3D and although it didn't me feel travel-sick or give me a headache, it still kept dragging me out of the spell of the film. I'm never going to be a fan of 3D, but the story was good and the production design was even better.

My favourite film of February is Young Adult.

A Dangerous Method was a bit disappointing. IT was based on a play, and wasn't very cinematic as there were lots of scenes of people sitting around talking, and not much action.

The Muppets was fun. My favourite Muppet has always been Miss Piggy, and she looked very stylish in her job at plus-size editor at French Vogue, and very different from the rough Miss Poogy of the Mooppets tribute band!

The Woman in Black was scary. The changes to the story made sense (I didn't really understand what the ghostly woman was so angry about when i read the book) and Daniel Radcliffe seemed suitable depressed as the widower who had never come to terms with his wife's death in childbirth.

Young Adult is a very dark comedy, starring Charlize Theron as a very unlikeable woman returning to her home town to break up her happily married ex-boyfriend's marriage. I really enjoyed it, but I know a lot of people didn't.
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