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Monday, September 18th, 2017 15:19
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I'm lactose intolerant. It's pretty much a joke in our culture now, but I really am, and quite severely, plus I get a couple of extra reactions as a bonus. Even a small dose of milk means 6 to 12 hours of diarrhea and stinky farts, another day or two of feeling achy and uncomfortable, patches of eczema that last a few days. LactAid pills help; they most definitely don't prevent reaction.

Churches love food. Coffee hour with sweet baked treats. Refreshments at almost every gathering, ranging from more sweet goodies to pizza. Potluck suppers. Catered suppers-- spaghetti, lasagna, even turkey dinners.

If I don't tell folks (and maybe if I do, see below), my choices are: eat and get sick; don't eat anything; bring my own food; or skip the event. Oddly, anything but the first will upset some folk. Abstaining or bringing my own food leads to people being hurt that I won't try their offerings, or even accusing me of 'trying to make them feel guilty.' And as a church staffer, skipping food events can be a professional problem as well as a social sadness.

From the church point of view? It's a bother to accommodate food issues. There are at least four of us who are lactose intolerant to some degree; two vegetarians; two people with celiac disease who are only occasional attenders; one minor nut allergy (but not to the point of violent reaction); and, unknown to most, at least one recovering alcoholic. Folks who can and do eat anything and everything seem to find it overwhelming to contemplate feeding those of us with food issues. Mostly the reactions I see are thinly veiled irritation.

What could be done? First and easiest would just be to LABEL everything. Put out a card with the name of the dish on one side, and ingredients on the other (or I don't know/made from mix). Next-- actually talk to us and ask what works? I am absolutely happy to suggest possibilities, substitutions, or modifications that aren't burdensome; after all, I do them daily. Considering varying needs early in the planning is especially helpful-- salad bar rather than tossed and dressed salad, please!

But the bottom line... is that I am often reminded that I'm not worth the trouble of feeding me. (Not only at church, but honestly, it's the worst.) Me being lactose intolerant is inconvenient for other people. Sorry, not terribly sympathetic to that point of view.

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 21:58
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Butterfly, which a friend tentatively identifies as possibly an Atlantis Fritillary.

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Monday, September 11th, 2017 14:51
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Well, there went my last feeling of attachment to LJ.... the weather widgets on my profile don't work any more. (I used them for sunset and moonrise times, mostly.)

Brain reboot

Friday, September 8th, 2017 21:41
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September is never a great month for me, I think it's the already shortening days; and then there was all the stress this week. I felt a need to reboot my brain, so took off for the nature center this afternoon despite gloomy weather. Laura wasn't with me, so I could head for my favorite area, the big meadow and ponds on the upper levels of the park. At first I saw no wildlife but bunnies and common birds; but I began to relax, appreciating the varied colors and shapes of late summer. (Spring has brighter greens and yellows, but late summer has more texture, from full grown plants.) Then, as I no doubt became more attentive and stopped broadcasting tension, I started to see more animals-- two blue herons, a greenbacked heron. Then I saw two "swimmy mammals" as we call them moving through a pond, and took a quick pic so I could check ID later. And then.... they swam to a downed tree, and two river otters climbed out!


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